Why Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a important part of publishing on the web. Simply put, with out web hosting, websites couldn't publish to the net as they do today. The simple definition of web hosting is a description of the web hosting service of serving files and information to the internet with a computer or server. The internet has been around since 1991 when a small note was published for all to read. Its come along way since then.

To truly understand why web hosting is necessary and how it works is easy. You can understand it as a service and also as a functioning part of the internet we know today.

All websites do not need a hosting service provider and not all the websites you see on the internet are hosted by a web host. Some are private computers serving the webpages by sending the data through the phone lines to the internet. Other than private computers serving the files internet websites need web hosting to operate and reach the internet at all. Web hosting services offer web hosting for a fee, either monthly or yearly. Here at Zeus.host we offer a wide variety of hosting plans to accommodate most hosting requirements.

How the server works is files that make up the website are stored on the servers hard drive. These files that make a website are simply data or information. With out the internet these files would be hard to understand if you weren't a web designer or tech savy. They are stored to be served to the internet via the world wide web.

Once you understand that all websites are just files on a server you can begin to understand how these files make websites we visit and use. The files or information is transfered by internet connection to the world wide web.

All the information for a website is linked to a domain name, which you can purchase from us or other website hosts. Every website needs a domain to publish its pages. Once you get a domain name you still need hosting. They go together to consist of the main pieces necessary to get your site online.

There are many schools of thought on what you want in your domain name. For most businesses a domain is easy to find and afford but to some its vital to have a domain name that will strengthen the success of the website. Domains are often picked because they are easy to remember, short or keyword rich. Often Search Engine Optimization requires quality domain to be used. See Blog Post Buying the Perfect Domain Name

Theres alot of confusion about name servers and there roll in web hosting. Basically you tell your web host which domain to serve the website on by changing your Name Servers. See Changing Your Name Servers.. Its reletively simply you request from your hosting provider, Name Servers. You write them down and enter them where prompted by your hosting provider. Its usually a one time entry since most people keep the same domain name for there website for a duration.

To understand the web we research and enjoy everyday you must understand that without a computer there is no internet. Web Browsers display the website files in a display we can use and understand by arranging the information in a visual display. With out web browsers we would have to have virtual servers to see the internet.

So in summation. Get a Domain Name then you will need a web host to serve your files.