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Economy Hosting Plans

Economy Hosting is our selection of lowest priced shared hosting for small websites that do not require much disc space, bandwidth or features. Websites with less than 10 pages with varied traffic. If your looking to get on the web and you know you don't need to buy a hosting plan with more than economy hosting plans might be right for you.

Business Hosting Plans - Affordable Business Hosting Services

Business Hosting needs are different than the needs of non business websites. They are geared to reach more people and more visitors requires more bandwidth and business websites usually have more than a certain amount of content.

Cloud Server Hosting  - What is Cloud Hosting

What is Cloud Hosting? What are the benifits of Cloud Hosting Services. Cloud Hosting is a form of hosting using multiple servers. The main benifites of cloud hosting are better reliability, better uptime, easy recovery, faster website speed and overall better functioning.


Dedicated Server Hosting Plans - Why do you Need a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a server for hosting that is dedicated to a single user. The client gets the use of the hosting server and this can be benifitial in many ways. By using a dedicated server for your website you can get greater capability.