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Website Design Search Engine Optimization Strategy

08 July 2020

There are many ways to use your design capabilities to incorporate sound SEO principles in your websites design. Menus, footers and internal link placement can greatly effect the potential of your website to get ranked in the search engines.

Menus can be used to suggest priority page order. Search engines crawl from left to right and from the top down so putting your important or more general links up first in order is a good strategy. Also title your pages after keywords and link to them in a menu with keyword rich anchor text. Your website may have many pages to offer and putting them in front of your visitor to maximize efficiency is a good goal. Menu links can be further aid to SEO when put in lists. Repeat the top menu items in the footer for more search engine potential and you can put the internal links once in the body. All this can help your website get ranked for its keywords in the SE's.

Describe your services with SEO text that is long enough to convey what you want the search engines to give you credit for. Search engines read text and derive information about your site. More text can be helpful. 500 to 2000 words is typical.

There are many ways to incorporate SEO in your design such as above. Using SEO strategy can be beneficial to the success of a website. Be sure to keep SEO in your preliminary considerations it might matter to the overall success of your project.

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