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Keeping Up-to-Date

Keeping Up-to-Date

17 October 2019

One of the most important things you have to remember when hosting your website, is to keep up-to-date. Keep your account details up-to-date & keep your web software up-to-date. You can miss out on server advisories & end up with a broken website for months on end before you notice. You can have your website hacked by using outdated software. You have to treat your website as seriously as you would a brick & mortar business.

Updating Contact Details

Keeping your contact details up-to-date is very important. It is the primary method of contacting you in the event of a problem or emergency. The correct contact details are also used to send you invoices, payment receipts, etc. In the event of a password reset, it will be sent to the current email address.

Problems if you don't keep your web hosting details up-to-date:

  • If we have server maintenance you won't receive notifications.
  • Accounts are electronically issued via email. If you don't receive your account and you don't pay it on time, your website hosting can be suspended. Having a suspended website can cause your website to de-rank in search engines.
  • If your software gets out-of-date & causes your website to get hacked, you could cause other account holders on that server to experience problems. If we can't contact you, we have to deactivate your account.
  • If an abuse or take-down notice is issued against your website, and your host can't get a response from you, usually your website is suspended.

Updating Website Software

Now most websites are built in content management systems (CMS's), often integrated with client resource management (CRM) software and other types of web software, also comes the responsibility to maintain & update the software they are built with. Software has to be updated or you risk the loss of data for yourself or others, plus a myriad of other problems.

Some of the typical reasons why software has to be kept up-to-date:

  • A CMS is just like any other piece of software, it needs to be kept up-to-date to make sure it is safe from any intrusions
  • Upgrades introduce improvements and new features that continually increase your efficiency
  • Upgrades address/correct bugs encountered in prior versions
  • To keep up with server software security upgrades, so that your website software continues to function
  • Every year, the CMS manufacturer is making hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of improvements to the CMS platform
  • So you can enjoy the latest and greatest new features and upgrades to the admin area and front end of your website
  • Keeping up with the technologies of the latest social media integration
  • If you're running PHP software, making sure it is compatible with the latest version of PHP that your web host is running
  • To avoid being stuck with obsolete versions of software that can cause vulnerabilities
  • Preventing websites from breaking when web hosts conduct upgrades to their server software

It is imperative that a maintenance program of some sort is carried out on all software you have running on your web hosting account. This should be carried out by someone who has knowledge of backing up databases & upgrading software.

So what is the solution? Update. Update. Update. Get a maintenance plan. Do it yourself. Either way it has to be done. However, remember if you do it yourself & it doesn't go according to plan, you could be up for the same in repair costs.

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