Start Here - Web Hosting Services Checklist

Below is a checklist to make sure you have everything you need to buy web hosting for your new or existing website.

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1. Do you have a domain name?

A domain name is necessary to publish information on the internet. The domain is where the internet finds the information you are offering. Picking t he right domain for your business is crutial to the success of your website. 


When picking a domain you may want to consider the extention. The domain extention offers a grouping or theme that could be benifitial to the domain for seo and readability. There are many extentions out there all with a theme that may apply to your business.

Domain Length

Domains vary in length from short acrinims like lll,com to 4 word or longer domains. Generally speaking the length of the domain is importaiint with domains that are shorter being worth more.

Keywords in Domain Names

There are a few reasons to put keywords in domains. One is to communicate what the website is about. Another reason may be search engine optimization or SEO. Many domains are created from availability and abrevitions or full vertions of the business name. Having the domain name the same as the business name or close is good for marketing and association in the search engines with your business name.

How do you get a domain name

There arre many ways to get a domain name. Get a Domain Name or Transfer Your Domain Name. Or alterately you could purchase one privately.