Installing WordPress through Softaculous

  1. Login to your cPanel account
  2. Scroll down to the Software section and click Sofaculous Apps Installer icon:

    Softaculous icon

  3. Move your mouse over the Wordress logo and click the Install option, this will open a screen with multiple options.

    WordPress icon

  4. Fill in the WordPress installation details, the minimal items needed are:
    • Choose the version you want to install, this should always be the latest version.
    • Choose Protocol, here you can choose if you want your blog to use a domain name starting www or not.
    • Choose Domain, if you have multiple domain names on your hosting account they will all be listed here, simply select the domain to install WordPress on.
    • In Directory, this should be blank to make WordPress manage the whole domain, this is the most common configuration.
    • Site Name, enter the name of your blog here.
    • Site Description, enter a short description of your site.
    • Enable Multisite, this should be less unchecked unless you know what you are doing.
    • Select your admin user information and complete Admin Username, Admin Password and Admin Email fields.
    • Select Theme, you can scroll through the list of available themes and choose the one that matches your requirements, just click it to select.
    • Enter your email address in the "Email installation details to:" field as this will provide you with a copy of your selections.
    • Click Install, this may take a little while to complete.
  5. Once installation completes you will be shown the URL for your site and the Administrative URL, you should make notes of these.
  6. Finally visit the Administrative URL and login to access your new WordPress installation.
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