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Website Trends for 2019

Website Trends for 2019

04 February 2019

Over the years website trends have become quite subjective. Some even argue content should always come first in the design process. The web got very visual, then it got very animated (again!). In addition to making the web look good on mobiles, now we’re making websites look more like apps.

If the navigation is big, bold & in your face, that scores a tick for usability & accessibility … but do they have to fill up my whole screen space? I was actually looking for information.

Popups used to be a source of annoyance & we tried everything we could to get rid of them. Now most sites will have Help Desk’s popping out from everywhere, newsletter subscriptions, or messages informing us about privacy & cookie usage. Most websites have some kind of popup now.

Like I was saying, website trends can be quite subjective … like most things in life.

So what elements of web design should you be concentrating on in 2019 (and in any other year)?

  • Content - It’s all about the story telling now. Take your products or services on a journey of discovery for the consumer. What use would they have for you or your products?
  • Navigation - Menus have escaped from the bar across the top of the screen to become more prominent & even play a factor in the design element.
  • Visuals - Still high on the priority list, except 2018 showed a move away from just photography, to incorporating animation, illustrations & oversized typography. We also started pushing elements out of the grids, and overlapping grids.
  • Usability/Accessibility - Love it, hate it, or totally want to pull your hair out sometimes when you can’t do what you want design wise because of limitations - the right to use the internet and websites is a right given to all. Whether it’s legislated for or not, it’s a responsibility.
  • SEO/Social Media/Marketing - No matter what you build or how you build it, you have to be able to market it in one way or another in order for your website to be a success & reach the audience you want to reach. Make sure your website software allows you to optimize your website to meet all needs, not just a few.

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