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Photoshop Tutorial

How to Make an Animation Using Photoshop and Clip Art

23 September 2019

Its easy to make animations out of clip art. Art programs can alter the clip art and make slides and put them in an animated GIF. Below is a step by step tutorial on making animated GIFs on Photoshop. When making a animation from clip art you essentially are making it move by altering the clip art with an edit command such as skew which is what we will be using in this demonstration.

In this demonstration of Photoshop techniques and tricks we will show you how to alter a clip art image, move a clip art image, duplicate layers,

Find Clip art online and how to work the animation menu in Photoshop. Find clip art online by doing a search for royalty free clip art. Find clip art that you want to work with and either buy it or download it for free.

Open Photoshop, select New and pick a Canvas Size you want to work with. Sometimes images come in large file format so remember to scale them down to work with them.

In this example I'm using a clip art image of a bird I found online.

The first step to this demo is to take the clip art and put it on a 4 layers by selecting duplicate layers in Photoshop. Layers are a way to put parts of objects on different planes so that they can be edited individually and viewed in an order. To make an animation of a bird or with clip art/photo you picked you must stack the layers menu with frames or know how to make frames of your animation using a selection of Layers and the art on them.This animation is going to be 4 frames.The first frame:The bird as it is with no changes.

To make the second frame simple use the image in the first and select the wings ( just the wing tips ) of the right wing and then select skew. Move the Skew box in the middle on the right and drag it down. This can be using an Edit command to move an animal or object to appear to move. Then I did the same to the left side and moved the bird left 5 pixels using the nudge command.

In the third frame of this how to tutorial on animations. I took the bird from frame 1, layer 1 and nudged it over 10 pixels down 5 pixels. This makes the bird appear to fly because the wings go up and down.The forth frame make any alteration you want to the object  that can match the first frame with  the forth for the loop.

In the timeline menu select "Create Frame Animation" and make 4 frames with the 4 layers. Select run ( forever ) and ( .2 seconds each )And you have a animation that you have changed with software that is readily available to the general public. 

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