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Your Online Shop - Part 3 Promoting Your Shop

Your Online Shop  -  Promoting Your Shop
You will need to apply appropriate and useful marketing strategies prior to your website’s launch. Failure to market your site effectively will waste your time, effort & the investment you put into it.

What Is Web Design?

With the rise of the internet, having a good website is a necessity if you want your brand to succeed. A bad website will invariably hurt your brand. To that end, there has been a massive spike in the hiring of “web designers.” But what is web design, and what do web designers do?

Website Trends for 2019

Website Trends for 2019
Over the years website trends have become quite subjective. Some even argue content should always come first in the design process.

What do you need in a CMS?

What do you need in a CMS?
Websites must be responsive (mobile-friendly), accessible & user-friendly. When deciding on a new CMS, there are things to take into consideration.
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