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Popular Social Media Terminology

Popular Social Media Terminology

30 November 2018

Most social networks use similar terminology, but will also have unique terms for the same actions. Maybe this can clear the muddy waters.

  • # - a hashtag, used to categorize or apply a keyword to


  • Header image - a header image is the banner image at the top of a user’s Twitter profile.
  • Tweet - an update/post on Twitter.
  • Quote Tweet - a retweet where you can include your own comments along with the tweet.
  • Retweet / RT - a Tweet that is re-shared to your followers.
  • DM (Direct Message) - a private Twitter message sent to one of your followers. DMs can be sent to Twitter users who already follow you, and received from users you follow.
  • Favorite/Like - an indication that someone likes your Tweet, given by clicking the heart icon.
  • Feed - the steady stream of updates and information.
  • Follower - a Twitter user who has subscribed to your Twitter account so they can receive your Tweets in their Home feed.
  • Following - the number of accounts that you are following.
  • Follows - the number of accounts that are following a user.
  • Unfollow - unsubscribing from another Twitter user’s account.
  • List - a set of Twitter accounts that you can group together in their own timeline. Lists are a convenient way to organize other Twitter users, whether you follow them or not.
  • Pinned Tweet - a Tweet that has been pinned to the top a Twitter profile page. A great way to feature an important announcement.
  • Reply - a response to someone’s Tweet that begins with their @username.
  • Mute - a feature available on Twitter that allows you to remove select people from your feed without them knowing.
  • Top Tweets - the most popular and engaging Tweets for a given search query, as determined by a Twitter algorithm.
  • Twitter Card - a media-rich Tweet that includes an embedded video, photo gallery, page summary, or other interactive element beyond the text of the message.
  • Who to Follow - a feature in the left hand sidebar of your Twitter homepage that helps users find relevant accounts to follow.
  • Block - blocking is a useful way to keep a troublesome user out of your mentions. It enables you to prevent another user from:
    • following you
    • adding you to their Twitter lists
    • having their mentions and replies appear in your notifications or mentions tab
    • tagging you in a photo


  • Group - a section where you can interact and share content within a select group of people. There are 3 types of groups: public, closed, and secret.
  • Network - the web of people whom you are friends with on Facebook, where updates and information are delivered to you from all the people in your life.
  • Notes - enables users to publish longer content in a blog format. Allows users to add a large header image, resize pictures, and add links and hashtags within a post.
  • Reach - the number of unique people who have seen content from your Facebook Page.
  • Impressions - the total number of times your content is viewed (including multiple views from the same user).
  • Total Reach - the number of uniques, such as people who view your Page posts, people who visit your Page after searching for it, and people who see ads that are associated with your Page, who have seen content associated with your Page. The total reach only counts people once.
  • Post Reach - the number of unique people who have seen a particular Facebook Page post in their News Feed.
  • Organic Reach - is free reach & refers to the number of unique people who saw your content without you paying for it.
  • Paid Reach - is not free reach. It refers to the number of unique people who saw your content because you paid for promoted posts or display ads.
  • Facebook Fans - people who like your Facebook Page.
  • Friend - a person you connect with on Facebook or another social network. Unlike a fan or follower, a friend is a two-way connection.
  • Unfriending - removing someone from a list of social media contacts.
  • Like - to like something on social media is a Facebook invention that’s evolved into an understood expression of support for content.


  • Connection - the LinkedIn equivalent of a Facebook 'friend'. The basic type of connection is a 1st degree connection—a contact that you know personally or professionally. Connections are categorized by: 1st degree, 2nd degree, and 3rd degree.
  • Endorsement - an endorsement on LinkedIn refers to an instance in which another LinkedIn user recognizes you for one of the skills you have listed on your profile.
  • Publishing - a place where members can publish long-form posts that related to their professional interests and expertise.


  • Discover - a feature that consists of a collection of hand-picked videos provided by partners and regions.
  • Filter - a photographic effect that can be applied to enhance images.
  • Lenses - allow users to add animated masks to their Snapchat selfies. To use Lenses, the user must have the camera in selfie mode and then press on their own face in the screen.
  • Stories - string Snaps together to create a narrative that lasts for 24 hours. To create a Story, a user chooses to add their Snaps to their Story.


  • Filter - a photographic effect that can be applied to enhance images, such as offering a vintage look, black and white, sepia, altering saturation levels, or countless other visual modifications.
  • #nofilter - is applied to photos where no photographic affect has been applied.
  • Home Page - the feed where a user will see an accumulation of the content posted by users they are following.
  • Regram - the act of reposting another Instagram users image or video.


  • Pins - are favourite links stored on Pinterest. Pins can be liked or repinned by other users. Users can also organize Pins by theme or event into visual collections called Pinboards.
  • Pinboard - a collection of Pins on Pinterest. A Pinboard can be organized by any theme of your choosing, and be either private or public.
  • Repin - if you find a Pin on another user’s Pinboard that you like, you can save it to your board by Repinning it. To do that, hover your cursor over the image, and select ‘Repin.’


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