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Content Marketing Tools

Content Marketing Tools

18 October 2018

Content marketing can be critical to your online success. You can build relationships and allow users to feel more connected to your brand – and the person or team behind the brand.

Content Marketing doesn't explicitly promote a brand, it is intended to stimulate interest in the product or service. Unlike conventional advertising, the content has to be genuine and engaging, and able to move the reader towards making decisions without common sales tactics.

Content Marketing involves the creation and sharing of online material. Content can be a blog post, podcast, webinar, YouTube video, website page, email newsletter, or social media post.

What would you want to know or learn if you were the reader? Compose material in a way that truly speaks to the needs of the user. Provide your users with tips, suggestions, and other information relating to your product or service, instead of trying to constantly sell your product or service to them. This is building trust in your business and giving your brand equity.

Search Engines don't want promotional, keyword stuffed garbage. They want unique, quality content on a regular basis to achieve the best search results. It's about giving users the best possible experience.

Tools used by most content marketers:

Content Marketing Conversion & Leads

If you’re producing content you should have an end goal. This could be sign ups, sales or followers. It makes no difference what it is, you are going to need to understand where successful conversions are coming from and how well your campaign is performing.

  • Unbounce - build and test effective landing pages
  • Milkshake - generate leads, build relationships, and promote content
  • Optimizely - launch and test web and mobile experiences

Curating Content

Content curation is the process of finding great content relevant to a particular topic or area of interest and presenting it to your social media followers in a way that's organized, meaningful, and adds value.

  • Goodbits - build great email newsletters in minutes
  • Revu - set up and manage curated newsletters

Email Marketing

Email can pay a huge part in your content strategy. Build a solid base of opted in subscribers to provide yourself a great distribution channel for your content.

  • Campaign Monitor - email marketing platform to create effective newsletters
  • Mailchimp - email marketing platform to create effective newsletters

Content Automation

Automation tools have decreased the amount of time you need to spend daily on social media and assist in the management of your social media strategy. There is the risk of dehumanising yourself & your brand, so it’s important to keep your posts personal enough so your audience doesn’t perceive you as a spam account

  • Buffer - an intuitive social media management platform to help drive social media results
  • Hootsuite - a social media management platform for automatically scheduling hundreds of social media posts at once, across your social account
  • Quuu - grow and manage all your social media accounts on auto-pilot
  • IFTTT  (If This Then That) - gets all your apps and devices talking to each other
  • Meet Edgar - automatically finds new content from any article or blog, just click a button and share

Paid Promotion

Producing content and sharing it with social networks isn’t enough. You could try testing different paid channels and seeing what works for different content.

  • Outbrain - a discovery platform that helps connect marketers to their target audience through sites like CNN, Sky News, The Daily Telegraph, Le Monde.
  • Facebook - extends the reach of your content by promoting it to your target audience and promoting your content with the Facebook pay-per-click model.
  • Twitter - easily promote your Tweets and create campaigns tailored for your business goals

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