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30 May 2019

Ca.Directory is currently being developed. We have plans to build California Community Blog/Directory Portals for use as community bulletin boards for businesses and consumers. The portals will offer a directory of business listings in that local area and community posts.

Ca.Directory will offer Business Listings in the following cities:

  • Anaheim, Ca.
  • Chico, Ca. | Chico.Ca.Directory Community Bulletin Board and Business Directory Portal. Post Commercial Posts and Specials, Business Highlights and Articles and Local Business Listings.
  • Fresno, Ca.
  • Eureka, Ca.
  • San Bernardino, Ca.
  • Los Angeles, Ca.
  • Stockton, Ca.
  • Redding, Ca.
  • Tahoe, Ca.
  • Sacramento, Ca.
  • San Diego, Ca.
  • San Luis Obispo, Ca.
  • Bakersfield, Ca.
  • Santa Barbara, Ca.
  • San Francisco, Ca.
  • Yuba City, Ca.

If you would like to submit your business for review. Submission is free. Please contact us here. Our links are dofollow.

For the other cities we plan on opening them one at a time. But the idea of leasing or subletting someone else to run and promote a city came up. For a monthly rent. Contact us if your interested.

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